Est. 2005, The Wave Oasis Bed & Breakfast has been dedicated to providing beautiful over-night rooms, with stunning scenery and great service. The pioneering founder and host resides at The Oasis, with a brilliant team who maintain the off-grid property, whilst delivering a high standard of guest service. The team enjoy some of the activities on the property, such as bee-keeping, gardening, caring for animals. The team collectively and personally have many passions and interests, including a love for the outdoors, artistic expression, healthy living, technology and more. Engagement in open conversation can warmly direct you on your travels in Mallacoota and surroundings. We genuinely seek to connect with each individual who joins us for a stay, as we heartily value human connection, though we are aware and respect our guest's seclusion and privacy for the sake of a harmonious stay. 

We believe that operating The Wave Oasis isn’t work for us, but a lifestyle, so from an authentic place and lively dedication, we believe that the merging of passions and interests provide a unique and memorable stay for our guests in an oasis setting. We would love for you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, as though a wave of serenity washes over you, and for you to leave feeling well nourished and fulfilled, and as other guests have said, “to feel at home”. We hope that you enjoy your stay.